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By show of hands, who wants to go to work day in, day out for an unappreciative boss, be stuck in traffic about two hours per day, and miss many of your children’s milestones? Nobody! There is hardly anyone currently employed who does not daydream of working from home, being their own boss, forgetting about the commute, and being available to family and friends whenever possible. For quite a few, this dream translates into a reality when they start their own home business, but some have a hard time getting started; in particular, they have a tough time deciding just what to do for a work-from-home business.

While finding your work from home niche is not necessarily hard, it is also not as simple as it may sound. To help you along in this process, here are some things to consider when getting ready to earnestly find something to do as a home business:

What are you capable of doing that perhaps someone else does not wish to do or is not able to do? For example, changing your car’s oil and rotating its tires are things that take a special ability, but even those who have it do not always want to do it and therefore will gladly pay someone else to take these messy tasks off their hands. Maybe you have a knack for getting that television hooked up or a computer repaired after a virus attack? Are you great with kids and have them eating out of your hand at your church’s daycare? Do you have a keen eye for bargains and can ferret out deals and steals when even the hardiest shoppers are unable to save anything? All these skills take a knack that you can turn into a home business.

If a special skill does not come to mind readily, why not capitalize on a special talent you may have? Are you a fine artist and can paint portraits of dogs that are so lifelike that friends and family are always asking you for another likeness of Fluffy or Rover? Are you a great cook? Does your garden look like an oasis in a sea of gardens with dried grass and wilting flowers? Can you explain even the most complex algebraic equations to your children in such a way that they actually understand them? Perhaps you play an instrument and would not mind teaching others to do so as well. If so, you have a talent that is quite marketable!

Last but not least, if you have neither special skill nor confirmed talent, you do not need to give up! The odds are good that you will be able to base a business on doing those things everyone knows how to do but in some cases simply does not wish to deal with. For example, if you know how to put a party together, you could be a party planner specializing in children’s birthdays. Conversely, if you do not mind climbing on ladders, then window washer could be your stick. Own gardening equipment? Why not use it to cut other people’s lawns and hedges and become a gardener?

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